Group Rides

About Group Rides:

Group rides are a place for riders to meet other riders and learn the skills that make riding in a group more fun. Be sure and choose the ride that meets your riding skills and also allows you to develop new skills.

Each training ride will have at least one  ride ambassador that will monitor the ride. 

Ride Rating:

1 – Race Pace Training Ride –  18 MPH Plus

2 – Skills Pace  Training Ride- 14 to 16 MPH

3 – No Drop Ride Group Ride – 10 to 14 MPH

Meeting Options:

One Time Ride -Happens only once

Weekly – Recurring weekly ride

Monthly – Recurs on a month

Annual – Once a year

Ride Ambassadors Program:

Details Here :

Current Ride Ambassadors

Weekday Group Rides:

Ride #1: Tibble Tuesday

Ride Ambassador: Seth Bradley

Ride Rating: 1-2

Meeting Location: Suncrest/ 4 way stop at the top

Meeting Time: 6:00:00 AM

Meeting Option: We have some hard, all out segments and some regrouping chill segments. This typically runs from approximate  Memorial Day to Labor Day, as daylight hours dictates

Weekend Group Rides

Ride #1:

Ride Name: Plan 7 – Spicy  Sunday Group Ride

Ride Ambassador: Dave & Breanne Harward

Ride Rating:  Level 2

Meeting Location: Three Cups Coffee 

Address: 4670 South Holladay Village  Holladay, Utah  84117

Meeting Time: 10:00am

Meeting Option: Weekly

Notes: This is a great mid range ride  approximately 35 miles. Route to be announced at the start of the ride. Please note weather changes will be announced on the Plan 7 Facebook page

Ride with GPS Route Map:   N/A

Ride #2:

Ride Name:

Ride Ambassador: 

Ride Rating:  

Meeting Location: 


Meeting Time: 

Meeting Option:


Ride with GPS Route Map: