Event Directors

Mission: Create excellence in cycling events for event participants while providing support for Event Directors

  • Provide safe and completive cycling events while insuring a great rider experience
  • Provide support for event directors to produce events that meet or exceeds the standards set by Utah Cycling Events.

Reason we are here:

Provide competitive cycling events managed and promoted by clubs or individuals agreeing to a set of event standards of operation

What are the requirements to be Gold Star Events:

Overall Requirements:

  • Event can not be cancelled – Note that Acts of God are the exception, Utah Cycling Events must be contacted prior to announcing cancellation
  • Race Information must be summitted 30 days prior to the event for posting on Utah Cycling Events.com
  • Event payout cannot be changing within 7 days of the event, any changes must be submitted the Utah Cycling Events so website can be updated
  • Event Director agrees to provide a podium for all categories if possible, multi day events are required to provide only overall podiums
  • Appropriate first aid base on course and location must be supplied 

Course Requirements

Road Race and Time Trial events 

  • All corners must have directional signs
  • All corners that go cross traffic must have a corner marshal
  • There must be adequate “Caution Event On Road” signs place at appropriate location
  • Minimum finish is 200M straight
  • Finish must have 200M, 500M, 1000M signs
  • All Corners must be blocked using appropriate material to stop traffic from getting on course 
  • All intersection must have “Caution Event On Road” signs
  • Any corner that requires riders to cross against traffic must have a course marshall
  • Minimum finish is 200 M straight
  • Finish must have 200M sign

Registration Requirements:

  • Online registration must use BikeReg.com for online registration
  • Online registration must open a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date
  • Online registration must stay open until 48 hours prior to the event date – Event Director may choose to leave registration open longer
  • All events must provide onsite registration -Time Trials are the exception


  • All events must be permitted thru USA Cycling
  • All events must use USA Cycling insurance coverage
  • Use of RaceDay Event Software will allow for a paperless system, easy emailing, and posting online

Results Requirements:

  • All results must be in accordance with guidelines set forth by USA Cycling
  • Results must be posted online (Internet accessible sites) within 15 min of the finish of the event or soon
  • Results must be submitted to Utah Cycling Events with 24 hours of the conclusion of the event in a PDF document

Resources we offer:

  • Utah Cycling Events has a inventory of supplies that are free to use.  
  • Use of other items; Generators, Sound Systems, Staging may be rented.
  • List of standard equipment supplies

Offical equiment and product suppliers

    • Utah Barricade – Call Doug at (801) 973-9800
    • Boulder Bibs – Email Dakota at Dakotapilkington@outputservies for special pricing
    • DNA Cycling – Info Here   Custom Cycling apparel
    • Nightrider Graphics – Info Here   A full service graphics apparel service

Current USA Cycling Officials

License#First NameLast NameEmail

Please reach out to Utah cycling Events if you require a Official’s phone number