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From Rider To Racer Mi Duole Cycling Podcast

Spend an hour with Utah Cycling Events owner and manager, Dirk Cowley as he shares his thoughts about the Utah road racing climate and what he is doing to provide opportunities for better road racing events. He is also the Managing Partner at RaceDay Event Management. Dirk is prolific racer and has been for more than 30 years. Dirk earned the Stars and Stripes jersey as National Champion in the Masters 45-49 criterium. Dirk also travelled to the Masters World Championships in Tirol, Austria and finished fifth in the 116 km road race in the 45-49 year category.

A Progressive Winter Program MiDuole Cycling Podcast

Learn from one of the best – Plan7 Founder, Dave Harward as he teaches about some key elements to a successful winter training program.  We spend about an hour going over the basics behind getting started and how to make these off seasons months productive and fun.

 A successful spring and summer racing season hinges mainly on one thing—your winter cycling training plan. The type of work you put in right now to prepare for it will pay massive dividends in the future.
Did you catch that? I said the type of work you put in — not how much work you put in. For most cyclists, winter cycling means it’s time to buckle down on long-duration, high-volume base training.

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