Mission of Utah Cycling Events: Create excellence in cycling events for event participants while providing support for Event Directors

Welcome to Utah Cycling Events – Events you can count on .

As you can see from the Mission Statement our goal is to provide you with events that you can count on.  With Gold Star Events that have agreed to provide a level of excellence.

Events should be safe and easy to register a for and get your results in a timely fashion. Utah Cycling Events is looking to assisting Event Directors that would like our support with equipment and expertise to provide you with that experience. Utah Cycling Event will allow for all events to be listed here but look for the Gold Star Events to know that these events have agreed to provide you with the highest quality event. 

Utah Cycling events will provide for a opportunity to all events to be listed, however be sure and look for the Gold Star Events when making your racing choices. 

Over the past years we have lost that sense of community. Group rides have been lost or finding information about rides has become difficult.   Within the community page you will be able to find group rides that meet your needs and schedule. Most of these rides will have a ride ambassador to help you and answer question.

Find out about Special Events that are supporting cycling. 

Training and support for Junior and women’s program designed to get them on the road and then racing.

We have enlisted a special group of Advisors to help us make sure we are looking out for your best interests, they have agreed to past on any suggestions that you may have to keep Utah cycling Events headed to the right direction.

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Utah Cycling Advisors Group


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