Mission Statement: 

Create excellence in cycling events for event participants while providing safe courses.


  • Provide safe and competitive cycling events while ensuring great rider experiences.
  • Improve racer perception about road cycling events
  • Develop a sense of community in Utah cycling in general as well as at events

Title Partners

First Endurance Our Story:

We started First Endurance in 2002 because we recognized, firsthand, that the nutrition available to endurance athletes could be better – A LOT BETTER.

The idea was simple. We wanted to give serious endurance athletes access to formulas that are designed for one specific reason-to maximize endurance performance. We spare no expense in developing the best, cutting-edge, scientifically validated, high-performance racing formulations.

With this approach, we’ve been redefining the boundaries of endurance since 2002 and look forward to continuing to help athletes take their training and racing to the next level.

About Kuhl:


KÜHL’s story as an independent brand began in the snow-covered peaks of the Wasatch Mountains. Relentless weather and challenging conditions taught us that if you’re courageous, remain humble, stay hungry, are kind to your community, and then the independents will thrive. We don’t have shareholders or VC investors. Our livelihood depends on you and your satisfaction with our product. We never forget it.


We’re all trying to work efficiently: articulated knees, gussets, stretch panels, reinforced pockets, and cuffs–we want you to feel the durability and long life. We design KÜHL clothing to move and keep up with you.


As a privately held company, we prize our freedom to choose and remain true to our ethics. Our goal is simple: source responsibly, provide a higher quality of living for all involved, and make the best damn product with the least amount of environmental impact.

DNA Cycling Performance is Key:

With a passion for both mountain (Dirt) ‘N road (Asphalt), DNACycling was founded with the objective of building a lifestyle brand centered around dirt ‘n asphalt cycling.
Now, years later DNACycling is bringing lifestyle branding to custom cycling clothing production, servicing three vertical markets: team, private label, and retail. Our products are fueled by current retail trends, technically advanced fabrics, superior fit, and functionality.
Our team of designers will take your club, corporate logo, or retail brand creating a line of cycling apparel that it is noticed on the dirt and asphalt. In addition, check out our “apres velo” line of lifestyle accessories. We can customize everything from mussette bags, custom tees, hoodies, track jackets, socks, hats, water bottles, stickers, and even 10’ x 10’ team tents.
At DNACycling we are committed to ensuring that you and your team look and feel great in your custom products and accessories.

Complete Registration and Result Software

Comprehensive Event and Result Management for Small Homegrown to Multistage National and International Events

Over the past 20 years, the RaceDay Event Management and Software team have been involved with 1000’s of events and focused on trying to understand  the components of the most successful events.

Out of that experience, RaceDay 2.0 was developed and with the input of event staff, officials, and timing companies, we developed the current version of RaceDay.